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I have been driven by a vision for social justice and a world free from human trafficking from an early age. At the age of four, my family and I were smuggled across the border following the 1997 rebellion in Albania. Walking for two days to cross the border, fearing that the next step ahead would be the last one alive, I experienced the need for safety, inclusion, and fulfilment of human rights. 

20 years later, I was able to graduate from the University of York in the United Kingdom, with an MA in Global Crime and Justice awarded the York Gold Award and Chevening Scholarship. During my stay in the United Kingdom, I broadened my knowledge related to terrorism, human trafficking, drugs trafficking, corporate crime, and illegal wildlife trade. 

Throughout my academic journey, I was able to actively get involved in civil society organisations with a focus on youth empowerment and to participate in international forums such as the 2016 World Forum for Democracy organised by the European Commission. Moreover, I took was a young entrepreneur under the Erasmus for young entrepreneur program in the Netherlands, working on my social enterprise plan regarding the economic empowerment of girls and women who have faced domestic violence and trafficking. 

I have written two fiction books and I am a co-author of three scholarly articles focused on human trafficking and youth unemployment. In my leisure time, I enjoy cycling, writing, video editing, and reading books in nature.


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