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Some words about me...

I have recently graduated from the University of York, United Kingdom with an MA in Global Crime and Justice, awarded the York Gold Award. My postgraduate studies were funded by the Chevening Scholarship, which enabled me as well to be part of a global network of 50,000 leaders. During my stay in the United Kingdom, I broadened my knowledge related to Global Crime threats such as terrorism, human trafficking, drugs trafficking, corporate crime, and illegal wildlife trade.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Administration & Social Policies from the University of Tirana, Albania. During my studies, I was able to actively get involved in civil society organisations with a focus on youth empowerment and to participate in international forums such as the 2016 World Forum for Democracy organised by the European Commission. Moreover, I was offered the opportunity to take the role of a “Young Entrepreneur” under the Erasmus for young entrepreneur program, in the Netherlands, due to my social business plan, regarding the economic empowerment of girls and women who have faced domestic violence. 

I have written two fiction books related to youth social problems and I am a co-author of three international conference papers focused on human trafficking and youth unemployment. In my leisure time I enjoy cycling, writing, and meditating in the nature. 


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1. Lost in the paths of life (E humbur në rrugicat e jetës)
"Lost in the paths of life" includes 22 paths (chapters) that contain 200 challenges (pages), it will remind you to continuously remain strong, and overcome the challenges that dark paths might cause to you. 
Lost in the paths of life, looking for a solution, but all the paths seem to be unfamiliar. By not giving up, I silently scream to escape from the madness that has invaded my mind. Travelling to the impossible I learn to transform it to possible, maybe this is one of the features that lost people have, they adapt to different situations within a short period.  
However, life is full of Roses and people who do not know how to treat them, in the case of this book, the roses signify life. I have promised to life I would give her a rose every day. You may think that the rose will wither, dry and cut off, but even if all the roses or flowers will wither, I will learn to invent them from the beginning, If our existence …

Opponents of our own battles

Opponents of our own battles Life is a path, for some a long one, for others a shorter, a harsh battle, with ourselves as the main opponent.
Every moment signifies a way towards uncertainty, no one knows what is going to happen, who will win, what will be lost during the action, but this remains the most compelling piece, the point where you cannot predict what might occur in the following moment.
In this way, we often wonder about discovering the way to expose the hidden part that worries us, but there is something magical inside that desire of grasping the unknown, the alike feeling as the grief when we recollect situations that have occurred in the past.
We are tiny pieces of art lost in an imperfect universe that is constantly looking for perfection. Without purpose, choice or intention, we grew up learning how to use silence as a shield towards truth. Sometimes we get afraid, other times we are thirsty for freedom and change. We have to ask ourselves why we get surrounded by silenc…